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The American Flag Society is a non-profit 501.c3 organization. The organization works within the community to instill a sense of American patriotism while instructing the rules of flag etiquette. The American Flag Society's major goal is the preservation and integrity of the American Flag. The AFS teaches Americans about correct procedures for flag etiquette around the nation via live presentations using displays and audio-visual media. Flag etiquette programs are available to corporations, schools, clubs and local and state government. To learn more about scheduling a presentation at your location, contact Rosemary Reder at  (561)-633-2150.




This week was a very exciting time in Washington DC, with a historical presidential election underway, and the American people were on the edge of their seats as they awaited the election results. Citizens on all sides of the political spectrum responded with intensity as the announcement of President Elect Barack 0bama's selection was made. This was a very productive time for the American Flag Society, since the two people at the helm were the only two Americans invited to be at Congress at Senator Barack Obarna's prestigious office before the election ended.

Founder and CEO Rosemary Reder has an extensive background as a decorated United States military veteran, has earned her place on four walls of honor. The following skills are the reasons why Ms. Reder has this prestigious position. She coordinates supervisors, initiates plans, and brings to fruition the American Flag Society's goals and intentions for the people of the United States of America. When others deliberate, Ms. Reder cuts to the chase on every single issue. Time is a precious commodity for everyone, and we do not wish to waste it. She has been in charge of numerous missions and disaster relief, including hurricanes, strikes, blackouts, and walkouts. She is an amazing multitasker, accomplishing ten things at once when the average person could only handle one.

For the past twenty-five years, representing various corporations and organizations, Ms. Reder has been hired to be a motivational speaker and lecturer in many categories. The most important aspect of any mission is priorities. She instills this value in her large audiences, as well as her one-to-ones, to assure that the mission is accomplished on schedule.