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The American Flag Society is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to support our efforts to help our troops in need and to teach flag etiquette to schools and institutions across our great country.

If you would like to donate your resources to this very worthy cause, use the button below or contact Rosemary Reder directly.


The American Flag Society's major goal is the preservation and integrity of the American Flag. Through the American Flag Society, citizens learn about correct procedures for flag etiquette around the nation via presentations, displays and audio visual media. To schedule a presentation at your facility or to learn more about the American Flag Society, contact us at

American Flag Society
PO Box 2420
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Rosemary Reder 561-633-2150


The American Flag Society diligently offers the ultimate service in job finding for our fellow American with an emphasis on those that served in the past and present. We concentrated their placement by emphasizing on their ability not disability. We are affiliated with numerous companies in numerous fields; these contain hotel, restaurant, airline, factory, computer firms etc. There are also numerous positions open within our organization such as secretary, pr, technology services. For more information and to apply contact us. Every call will be answered. Due to the limited staff emails will be answered slowly. Written mail will be responded with phone calls. If you are mailing please include resume and availability.