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Rosemary Reder is a caring, compassionate and hard working professional. She has successfully combined a career in the hospitality industry as well as serving in the United States Coast Guard. Rosemary received an honorable discharge after twelve years of service. She served in New York, Florida and Hawaii. All of Rosemary's activities are under girded with the highest ethic moral standards.

Furthermore, Rosemary has an extensive noteworthy body of work; Presidential Inaugurations, working with Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes Foundation, Maritime Museum on Peanut Island, John F. Kennedy Nuclear Fallout Shelter U.S. Coast Guard.

Rosemary has planned events at Pearl Harbor with Colin Powell, Former President George Bush Sr. and President George W. Bush.  She is a proud member of Homeland Security and served within the Special Events, Operations & Transition Department within higher government. On top of all that, she conducts Flag Patrol and Flag Etiquette programs.

Rosemary was also educated at Cornell University.

To sum things up, Rosemary has a high level of energy in any creative field. From planning major events to assisting in Presidential Inaugurations, she exudes the organizing, marketing and presentation abilities creatively.

If you are interested in assisting Rosemary in some of her most recent ventures in extending her hand to the community and the American people, please give her a call at (561) 633-2150